Migraine and Headache Treatment

Migraine and Headache Treatment

Botulinum injections was used therapeutically for pain and spasm management 20 years before it was applied cosmetically. It’s been around treating migraines and headaches since 1980s, making it one of the safest, most predictable and effective drug on the market.

If you suffer from migraines and headaches, it’s time to stop the ineffective medications and try Dysport®  for migraine and headache relief.

How many treatments will I need?

Every migraine has a different story behind it. Not everyone suffers from migraine the same way, some migraine sufferers have multiple areas of the body effected at different times. There for it is hard to predict the required frequency of treatment. Approximately each treatment should yield migraine relief for 3 to 6 month. The best way to determine if Dysport® is for you, is to come in for a treatment when there is an impending migraine attack.

Is there any down time after Dysport® treatment ?

No. Soon after the procedure, you may feel a slight bump on the skin, and some redness to the area treated which will disappear over the next few minutes. You may return to your daily activities immediately following the treatment, and be sure avoid touching the area within 4 hours post treatment.

How long does it take for the results to become evident?

Dysport® is effective in 3 days. Faster results means more time for you to get back to what is important for you; enjoy work, life, music and the sun.

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