Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Millions of men and women suffer from alopecia. Hair loss can be often due to stress and genetics. Don’t let your hair loss prevent you from living life and meeting new people.

Regen Plasma® can repair cells that are responsible for hair growth over the scalp. Using PRP isolated from your own blood, it releases growth factors that stimulates new vessel formation. This stimulates new hair growth naturally, returning the scalp to a more youthful state.

How many treatments will I need?

Most individuals require 6 treatments spaced between 4 weeks apart. Yearly maintenance or bi-annual maintenance is recommended. Start with hair regrowth treatment when the first signs of hair thinning appears. When treatments are done early it will need less treatment, better result compared to hair loss in advanced stage.

Is there any down time after PRP treatment for hair regrowth ?

No. Soon after the procedure, you may feel a slight stinging on the skin, and some redness in the area treated which will disappear over the next few days. Avoid strenuous activities, such as going to the gym for 72 hours. Working out too early can waste product injected. You may immediately return to all other normal daily activities.

How long does it take for the results to become evident?

Visible results starting in 2 month. 6 month for a fuller head of hair.

How does this compare to other treatments on the market such as laser and carboxytherapy?

PRP is medically supervised by a physician and performed by a Registered Nurse. Laser treatment is not a medically supervised treatment. Carboxytherapy is not FDA approved for hair-loss or any other condition.

PRP for medical purpose have been studied rigorously in the past 20 years for Plastic and Oral Surgery, Alopecia (hair loss) , Sports Medicine for muscle and tendon injuries. There are thousands of studies to back the results of PRP for healing on PUBMED.

Laser therapy needs constant maintenance. The laser is the “food” for hair growth. If you stop laser treatment your hair will fall back out. PRP on the other hand, stimulates stem cell migration through stimulation of your own healing mechanism, it will stay with you even when you stop treatments.

Laser therapy requires a tremendous amount of time weekly, usually 3 visits every week for 6 to 12 month.

PRP treatment is once a month and after 6 month results can last up to 2 years without revisit.

If you have questions about your hair, please come in for a free consultation. You can start by booking online at your earliest convenience.