Dysport®, Restylane®, Selphyl®, Sculptra® what’s the big deal?

Dysport® is a Botulinum protein used to soften muscle contraction therefor relieving wrinkles on the skin. Results in 3 days, faster than traditional Botox® treatments.

Hyaluronic acids are naturally existing sugar in the body that hydrates the skin that depletes as we age. Hyaluronic acid fillers rejuvenates the skin by revolumizing and rehydrating. Restylane ® , Perlane ® and Teosyal ® are brands of hyaluronic acid fillers, each offering their own unique advantage.

Selphyl®  is Platetelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, taken from your own body to  reverse the effect of aging, such as wrinkles and lines while repairing cells and lifting up loose skin.

Regen Plasma® is Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP and PRFM are both No-Botox-Alternatives to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin.

Sculptra® is Poly L Lactic Acid. Lactic acid is a natural by product in the human body when metabolizing glucose. PLLA is linked Lactic Acid, the same suture material doctors use in surgeries. Now it is available in a syringe,  used to tighten loose skin, also know as the liquid face lift.

Each treatment is specific and can not replace each other. Some individuals may have certain health conditions that may limit their options for treatment. Please come in for a complimentary consultation to determine your eligibility.

Why use Restylane®, Selphyl® and Sculptra® but not permanent fillers?

Superficial changes are visible but the skull and teeth are also aging discretely. When a permanent filler is injected, it does not change along with the aging skull or changes in teeth structure. This means in as early as 5 years, the rest of the face ages and the permanent fillers just hangs against the surround structure without support, and the only correction available is surgical removal which may lead to scarring. Restylane® lasts between 6 month to a year. It is ideal for it’s reversibility. Selphyl® after a series of 3 to 6 treatments can last to 2 years. It is recommended to continue maintenance treatment once to twice a year. Sculptra® can last up to 2 years. Results are natural and gradual.

I’m Pregnant and Breast Feeding. Can I get anything done?

We do not recommend women who are pregnant or nursing get any treatment done. There is no studies available to determine the safety profile of these treatment on pregnant or nursing women.

Are there any supplements I should pause before treatments?

Discontinue Omega 3.6.9, Fish oil, Vitamin E, flax seed oil for 1 week prior to treatment.

Discontinue medications such as Aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Aleve 1 week prior to treatment.

Tylenol is accepted prior to treatment for pain management.

I’m getting married/ attending a wedding/ have a BIG event and I want to look good. When should I come in?

The best time to get treatment is actually 2 month prior to the BIG EVENT. This way we can determine the most individualized result to achieve the most natural and radiant look that will be immortalized into pictures and videos.

It is advised no treatment is done in less than 2 weeks prior to the event,  to avoid any bruising that may last longer than 2 weeks.

Is there any risks that I should know?

All injections has the risk of redness, swelling, bruising.

Reasons can include physiological changes like aging, vascular disease and past surgical history, which makes the path of veins and arteries unpredictable post surgical remodelling.

When a vein or an artery is pressed or blocked, the oxygen delivery and exchange system to that vessel is disrupted. When the tissue nourished by that vessel is blocked or partially blocked the tissue is deprived of oxygen. This is called ischemia, visualized immediately within seconds by the skin tone change, as well as visualized under transillumination.

When this happens, product is immediately dissolved with hyaluronidase, removing the compression and blockage, under the guide of transillumination. This may result in a bruise that will last a few weeks.

If blockage persist, aspirin is given, nitro paste and hot towel is applied to the local area to promote local tissue perfusion, and the person is put into HBOT for oxygen perfusion to revitalize the tissue needing oxygen. Often hyaluronidase is enough to remove the pressure from the product, and tissue perfusion is reinstated visualized by IR light. When Hyperbaric Oxygen is needed and given in good time, tissues heal without any problem. This may still result in a bruise that will last a few weeks.