Botox Side Effects #1


December 19th, 2013

Is there any side effects of using Botox to remove wrinkles?

There are different side effects when it comes to medication. Some are long term and some are short term.

There are no long term Botox side effects in studies to date.

Short Term Side Effects

Short term side effects include, fallen eye brow, droopy eyelid, asymmetrical smile, allergies and difficulty breathing and swallowing.

All of the short term Botox side effects, has more to do with injector’s technique, rather than the drug itself. Botox is used to relax muscles to decrease wrinkling. With wrong placement, it will cause all these undesired effects because the wrong muscle is affected. When it is placed correctly, it is amazing at what it suppose to do.

Other Causes of Botox Side Effects

Sometimes a patient’s surgical history can cause these unwanted Botox side effects. If a patient had any type of facial surgery, such as rhinoplasty, implants, brow lift, facelift, all these surgeries can cause the muscle to heal in a different way. Because the muscles healed differently, it makes the injections a lot more unpredictable. It is important to let your injectors know of your facial surgical history during assessment.

How to minimize Botox Side Effects?

Spend time asking your injector questions. Your injector should spend thorough amount of time discussing what you are trying to achieve. She or he should give you a plan of what she is going to do, and confirm with you if that’s what you are trying to achieve.

Look at your injector. If she or he looks young and natural, there is a good chance you will look young and natural at the end. If your injector looks like the housewives of Beverly Hills, her or his aesthetic preference may not be inline with yours.

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